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Blind Vision
Well Hellllllllooooooooooooooooo:
This past weekend, we celebrated our innaugural first show at the Black Water Tavern in Alden. Thanks to all the people who came out. We blew the roof off that place. I'm told it was the best crowd they ever had there. We're dedicated to keeping this rolling at a high level and continually improving on our shows. It's more than just music. It's an entertainment experience with a lot of fun and great tunes. Yes,someone actually took a pie in the face!!! So, spread the word!! THE MADNESS IS HERE!!!!

Thank you to all our friends:
On behalf of the band, I want to say thank you to all our friends over the 20+ years the band has been together. We had more good times than I can remember. All good things must come to an end, though. So this is farewell for now. I also want to thank all the guys, Mark, Colin, Giulio, and Steve for all the years we spent together as a band. We went through a lot as people, friends and bandmates. We saw each other's families grow up, kids graduate, buy houses, get married, switch jobs, have grandkids, all of it. Most bands dont stay together as long as this one did. I hope to see all you guys and even jam again.

Giulio's back..again!!!:
We are happy once again that Giulio has decided he wants to get back to the business he does best. Welcome back Giules!!!

Thanks Tommy:
With great sadness, we say goodbye (for now) to Tommy, who has been with us for a little while. We'll miss his great personality, awesome vocals and amazing bass chops. Good luck Tom with your new project. It's been a great time playing with you. So, obviously that leaves a bit of a hole at the bass spot. If you know anyone good bass playerss, please have them contact Mike for more info. There's an email link on the home page

Welcome Tommy Herr:
We're super happy to announce that Tom Herr has joined the band on bass and vocals. He's an experienced player with a long list of great bands behind him and awesome bass chops. Did I mention he can sing too? Come out and help us welcome Tom into the band. He's stepping in on short notice but will fit right in!!!

Giulio's gone again!!:
Our beloved Giules has stepped down to pursue other things. We wish him the best and enjoyed playing with him. Good Luck Giulio!!!

Giulo's Back:
After taking some time off, Giulio is back on BASS. We glad to have him. What a way to return. First night back at The Transit Music Lounge was an off-the-wall, crazy night. Welcome back Giules!! In case you're wondeing, Bob is a life-long Blind Vision member who stepped aside for some other projects. Who knows, maybe he'll show up in the future for some guest appearances. We'll miss his great vocals and bass skills. Good luck Bob, I know we'll see you again.

New Web Site:
We're really happy to announce and unveil the new web site. It has a lot of the same features as the old site but is much easier to navigate and also easier to read on a mobile device. We hope you like it. More improvements will be coming in the near future.

Buffalo Music Awards 2014:
Hey All, it's that time of year agaiin. The Buffalo Music Awards nominations are out and the voting is open. So hurry up and go vote for us. The band was nominated for Best Rock Band and Mike was nominated for Pop/Rock Guitarist. Here's a link to the site and anyone can vote As always, we really really really appreciate all the support we get from everyone. Thank you everyone!!

A FINE Start:
Well, that was a hell-good night. Thanks to all who came out to Macaroons (and stuck around). We had a blast on our first night out with Bob. The crowd was a riot!!! Saw a lot of friends from that area we haven't seen in a while. We love that stuff. Special thanks to John Thrun for the awesome job on sound as usual!!! Thanks to Phil for having us back. Looking forward to the next one.

Introducing Bob Bucella:
Last night was Giulio's last night with Blind Vision. Thanks to all who came out to wish him well after 4 years of rockin' it with us. Now, it's on to the next one. Introducing Bob Bucella, on bass guitar!!!!! Bob is a seasoned musician who's been around the Buffalo music scene for several years. He is no stranger to the stage. He brings some fine bass chops and really good vocals. We're thrilled to have found such a great fit for the band. Please come out to meet Bob at his debut show 4/12 at Macaroons!!!!!

Giulio is leaving us:
I'm sure many of you know by now, or have heard rumblings about Giulio leaving the band. It is true. Giulio has announced he is leaving and we are sad to see him go. He is easily one of the best people to be in this band that has seen many come and go over the past 17 years. He's been a fantastic bass player with a great sound, real feel for rhythm, a great friend, and bandmate for 4 years. We will truly miss you Giules!!! He'll be around for a few shows in the summer and we wish him the very best in everything. Giulio's last show with Blind Vision will be Saturday April 5 at Crazy Jakes. Poetically, Crazy Jakes was also his first gig with the band in March 2010!!!!

2013 Buffalo Night-Life Music Awards:
It's that time of year again and we've been nominated in a couple categories off the Buffalo Night-Life Music awards. Look for Mike DiStefano under the Pop Rock Guitarist category and Blind Vision under the Rock Band category. To vote, just point your browser to and enter your email address. You'll then get an email with a link that takes you to the voting ballot. Tell all your friends. Maybe we'll win one this year!!!! Thank you to all our loyal fans who keep coming out to the shows and all those who would if they could!!!!

Kudos to us!!!!:
So we received this awesome letter from Greg, who saw us at the Williamsville Old Home Days Festival last week. Thank You Thank You Thank You for the kind words. (I edited it down out of respect for the other bands) To Blind Vision Band: My wife and I caught your second set this past Tuesday night in the beer tent at williamsville's Old Home Days. You were hands-down the best band that entire week. Some explaning .... I live about 2 blocks from the beer tent. I hear the bass thump and muffled drumming every night out on my back deck. On Tuesday we decided to have the chicken BBQ dinner and check things out. So we heard the you while munching and you sounded so good that we had to get all hot and sweaty in the beer tent. I guess we heard the tail end of the first set and probably all of the second set. You guys are very very tight both musically and stage presence. the song transitions were seamless and kept the groove going with zero downtime. You had a dancing crowd mid-way thru the second set, and this is before people had a chance to get tuned-up with a six pack. Hope you're here next year, and i hope you get Friday night. Set the place on-fire. You're a great band. Keep it up. Greg B.

Just checking In!!:
This summer has been awesome so far. We've done lots of outdoor shows and private parties. Letchworth State park was really beautiful and a cool place to play. The weather gods have been on our side so far. I don't think we've been rained out in 4 years. Must be some kind of record! Still have lots of outside shows lined up so don't miss out. Our new addition to the PA system makes it even better. Thanks to all our friends who keep coming out to see us and also a shout out to all our recently new friends. We really appreciate seein you all. Until next tme

Buffalo Music Awards:
Hi All, We've been nominated again this year for best Alternative Rock band. Don't ask me why we're in this category, but that's where we are. Also, Mike was nominated for Best Rock Guitar player. You can vote by clicking the link on our home page or go to and you'll see a link. Thanks to everyone for your continued support. We still rock and we still love it!! That's all for now.

So what is up:
I'll tell ya what's up, cus there's a lot going on . We recently had our first round of t-shirts printed. They look pretty cool and we're giving 'em away at shows. I'm sure you can find a pic of someone in the photo gallery with one on. As summer approaches we'll get some more made up that are more for the ladies. We also have some other goodies on order to hand out at shows. I'll surprise you with those when they get here. Should be next week. Giulio has been going crazy making videos for the web. Look for those to start showing up on Youtube, Facebook and this web site. We just finished up a bunch of new tunes and we're working on some more (as always). The light show is also looking pretty good these days, thanks to Giulio and Colin.

Buffalo Music Award Voting:
The voting has begun, so please go th the following site and vote for us. Vote For Blind Vision

Buffalo Music Award Nominations:
The BMA nominatinons are going on right now until October 20. People "in the biz" can go to the site and nominate anyone they want. Then the voting will take place between October 25 and November 15. Anyone can take part in the voting. You can nominate or vote by going to Best Of WNY or Buffalo Music Awards.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the decades. Maybe this is our year for something??? Vote Vote Vote.

It was a rockin' summer:
Haven't spoke to our peeps in awhile. Just wanted to touch base with you guy's. First of all we had an awesome summer this year. Almost every show was outside and the weather gods were on our side! Between playing outside and riding our motorcycles everywhere, it doesn't get much better than that. Second, the new line up has been working out great. We needed a little time off to recharge our batteries and work on some new stuff, so looking forward to getting back out there for the fall shows! Last but not least, thank you for all the support you guys have been giving us. See ya soon. BV

Benefit for Stephanie:
The benefit for Stephanie appeared to be quite a success. There were lots of people and tons of food and prizes, as you can see from the pics. We made a bunch on new friends. Thanks to all who came out to support this cause.

We're on Facebook now:
We finally got around to putting the band on Facebook. Look for Blind Vision-band and follow us there. The Blind Vision regular web site will stay. Facebook will just be another outlet to spread the good word and get in touch with the peoples. Also in case you didn't already know, we're on Twitter too. So you can get show dates and other announcements tweeted to your phone or whatever.

What A Night!! Thank you Scott. Hello Giulio!!!:
Last night was the end of a long chapter in the Blind Vision story. After nearly 5 years with the band, last night was Scott's last. A very special thank you to him for all the work he did and for all he had to offer. It was a real blast playing with him and we'll miss him. We really owe the night to the fans who came out last night. It was you who really made it fantastic, as usual, and we always appreciate the good times and support. Hopefully everyone recovers from that last night, as we were all in rare form. What a party!!!!!

Now, to bring on the next chapter!! We'll be in the basement for a couple weeks getting to know Giulio and getting it together to pick up where we left off. We'll be back out in March. See ya then.

New Bass Player Giulio Genua:
We are happy to introduce Giulio Genua as our new bass player. We searched long and hard and were happy to find him. His first gigs with the band will be in March. Keep it in mind and come out to welcome him into the fold!!

Scott is leaving Blind Vision:
After almost 5 years of jamming with us, Scott has decided to leave the band. He has been a good friend and tremendous contributor to the band in many ways including logo design, booking dates, vocals, cool song ideas, pa equipment, and of course, outstanding bass playing. Scott's last night with the band will be Feb 13 at Macaroon's. Please come out and celebrate the good times we've had with him.

NEW, NEW Discussion Board:
OK, so the last attempt at a discussion board was lame. I was tired and probably drunk and aplologize. This one is much better. Have fun!

New Discussion Board:
People have been asking, and I finally got around to putting together a discussion board. It's a very rough first attempt at this. We'll see how it goes and adjust if necessary. Go ahead and have your way with it!!

Well, that went well!!!!:
Our first night out with Steve was a success. Thanks to all came out to support the band and tough it out even though there was no heat in the bar (furnace failure). We had a couple bumps along the way, but had a really good time and rocked the place, like you knew we would. Special thanks to Mike for having us.

Just 4 more days!!!!:
Well, here we are; just 4 more days 'til our first show since, September. It's only been 3 months, but to us, it's like 3 years. We are absolutely psych'ed for this and cannot wait to get back out and play and to see our fans. We know who you are and we're really looking forward to playing for you and having a drink with you. Special shout out to Jim and Michelle!! We got new music, and a new singer, so come on out and see what we're up to.

Buffalo Music Award Nomination:
Well, here we go again. We're included in the nominations for the Buffalo Music Awards. Please vote for us at this link Buffalo Music Awards. Thanks as always for your support.

Rob's Last Night - The Dockside Rocks!!!!:
Last night at the Dockside Inn was a great night. The place was hoppin' with lots of great peeps and the band was hot. We are really looking forward to going back there again. It was an extra special night as we said goodbye to Rob. It was his last show with the band after 2 1/2 years of great nights. See ya later bud!!!! Practices with Steve are well under way and he is doing a fantastic job. We expect to be back out in a few more weeks so hang in there with us. I know you won't be disappointed.

Introducing Steve Cohen:
The band is happy to announce that we have a new front-man. Steve Cohen is stepping up to be the new lead singer for Blind Vision. We're happy as heck to have Steve on board and are really looking forward to getting' out there with our new pipes. Steve has a long history on the local scene and we are really looking forward to working with him. Stay tuned for more updates. We'll start rehearsing withing the next week, so it'll still be a few more weeks before you get to hear him. We might get knocked down, but we won't stay down!!!! least not yet!!!!

Now on Twitter:
Now you can follow the band on Twitter. Look for blindvisionband and start following, if you want the latest on the band as it happens.

Maybe Rob's Last Night:
Last night at Macaroon's may have been Rob's last night with Blind Vision. It was great for so many people to come out and say goodbye to him for now. Maybe he'll be back some day. We had a great time and thank Phil and everyone else at Macaroons giving us a place to have so much fun over the past 2 1/2 years.

The band is working hard at finding a replacement for Rob, which is proving to be difficult. Vacations are upon us, which will slow us down a bit. Hopefully our next post will be that our search has ended and announce a new guy. Until next time!!!

Blind Vision Google Gadget Release:
Hey All, we're pleased announce the new Blind Vision Google Gadget. If you have an igoogle page set up or use gmail, then you can add this to your home page and see the Blind Vision schedule. Here's a link. Blind Vision Gadget

Jackass Reggatta at the Lighthouse:
The Lighthouse in Olcott just rocks. The Jackass Reggatta was yesterday and we had an unbelievable time. The whole band just left it all on the stage and the people made it the best gig of the year so far. We always love playing there, but last night was one to remember. If you're ever in that area, make sure stop in, 'cus Dave will treat you right. Thanks Dave for everything.

Rob is leaving the band:
Rob Lake has informed us that he'll be moving on at the end of summer to pursue home life and original music. This pains me the most to write, as Rob was easily the best, most energetic, enthusiastic, singer we've ever had. He stood up to gruelingly long sets and never stopped giving it his all. If he was less than happy, he'd never let you know it on stage and was (and still is) one of the easiest people to talk to and work with. Replacing Rob will be next to impossible, but we will try our best to get a new guy that rocks in all different ways to keep up with the rest of the band.

Rob, working with you has been tremendous. Your reliability and personality make it very easy and nobody can touch the power and presence you put shotgun pipes with no baffles in 'em. We're honored to have been able to work with you and hope to again in the future. For a message from Rob, click here.

Kate's Rocks:
The world needs more clubs like Kate's. The place aint that big in size but it is the best kind of place to play, 'cus it's huge on heart and atmosphere.. Bands sound good in there, the people really dig the music and you can't escape the feeling that you're playing for the core of real Buffalo people. We had a blast last night and look forward to going. If you're in a band that has never played're gonna like it when you do.

Congrats to Rob and Betsy:
Our singer Rob, and his wife Betsy had their second child last Thursday, so be sure to congratulate them when you see them. Good Luck and congrats from the rest of the band. As you can see from the schedule, summer is here and that means it's time to get outta dodge, so we're taking a few weeks off and enjoying the summer. You can catch us in a few weeks up in Olcott for the Pirate Festival than we're off again until August. Out.

So how's that workin' out?:
In our last episode, we implemented some mild changes. How'd it work? Well, very good I might say. What do you think Paula? Randy? Oh fuck you guys anyway. The peeps are diggin' it and the gigs are rollin' in. Maybe that has something to do with our new agent? Maybe. We're playin at different, new and exciting clubs (for us anyway) including Mickey Ratt's this summer and Darien Lake and Dock at the Bay is in the works. Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout. How 'bout that cool place in Olcott?....the Lighthouse? Very nice. Other new gigs include Reckio's on South Park and Metzger's Monday nights this summer. Cruz down on your hog and have a beer or three with us. Check out Mike's new Les Paul. I'm sure you won't see another one like it around here. Scott got one too...but you'll have to check out his other band for that. What else.... oh yea, we'll be taking practically all of July off for summer vacation. Rob and his wife are expecting there 2nd child during July. We'll be back and hungry to play in August. Later.

New Material:
Maybe you noticed...maybe you didn't. We've decided to change direction a bit. Over the past 13 years we've been the band that plays everything from old to new and classic to modern, dance and heavy and anything in between. You wouldn't know what to expect on any given night. Maybe that was good, maybe that was bad. We're trying something different. We think you'll like it. Count on us for more stuff to get your butt movin' or just straight up arena rock. We'll leave the emo for the other bands. Who wants to hear some tough guy telling us how they feel and how bad YOU make THEM feel and have them blame the rest of the world for their problems. Not exactly what you need to pick you up on a Saturday night. More rockin' and less whinin'!!!!!!

New Demo:
Hello All. It's good to be back after our long summer break. Sorry about being gone so long, but summer is short in Buffalo, so ya gotta take advantage of it when ya can. Our first night back on the job was a hoot at Brennan's, as it usually is. For those who missed it, maybe we'll see ya next time. Thanks to Brennan's for having us.

We're extremely happy to tell the world we have a new demo, featuring Rob on vocals. Please feel free to check it out, especially if you're considering hiring the band. Also we're happy to say that we finally have a new banner with our current logo on it and cool stickers too. Be sure to look for them at the next show. See ya soon.

Akron Rocks:
We don't do too many private parties. But I'll tell you what....we don't do enough. We played a house party in Akron this weekend and we had a blast. Thanks to Denise and Stacey for having us and best of luck to Stacey and Jim. The party was lots of fun and there's nothing like playing outside on a beautiful day. Here's what we got from Stacey and Jim.

Thanks to all of you for a FRICKEN FANTASTIC job well done at our Private Party this past weekend. You guys were fantastic. I'm all ready getting calls re: people wanting your site info etc for upcoming shows. YOU ROCK!!

Here's another one:

Just wanted to let you guys know that you made James and Stacey's day fantastic. Thank you for taking your Saturday to come out and jam in the boonies. You did a great job and I look forward to coming out and singing with you again sometime. Bye the way, GREAT PHOTOGRAPHY!!! Take care and happy trails to you.

We Are Back:
Weeeeeeeeeeeee're Heeeeeeeeeeeeere!!!!! Last night was our first night out since Rob joined the band. It was a long 6 weeks without gigs and we finally got to scratch the style, I might add. The crowd was great and it was a blast to see everyone again. Thanks to everyone who came out to check out Rob on his debut at Ying's. Hopefully we'll be back again soon. Props to Rob for getting something like 60 songs down so fast and for putting on an electric performance. We unleashed a bunch of new songs and are working on more....see ya soon.

Rob's First Night:
The band is ready to start down yet another road of it's long and twisted journey to who-knows where. We've been working for several weeks to get Rob up to speed and we think you're gonna like what you hear. We want everyone to come out and meet him and check out the band with a new front-man on Feb 24 at Ying's on French Rd. With the new face comes some new songs and hopefully some new friends as well. We're looking forward to meeting everyone and rockin' out with you all.

Mike's Last Night:
Last night was Mike Culmo's last gig with Blind Vision. Needless to say, he went out in a big way. The show was nuts and we really want to thank all the people who came out and partied with us and at Macaroons. We all had a rockin good time and we couldn't have asked for a better gig to make Mike's last with us. Mike, we're gonna miss ya buddy. Good Luck. Check out the photo gallery for pics from the show.

Introducing Rob Lake:
Almost in the same breath we want to introduce Rob Lake as the new front man / lead singer for Blind Vision. Rob has been playing in original bands for several years and is looking to get out and try the cover scene. We think you're gonna like him and we're really looking forward to the next few weeks of intense practice to get Rob up to speed. The band is planning on taking off the rest of January to prep for our new sound. We'll see ya in February.

Mike Culmo is Leaving Blind Vision:
After more than 4 years as front man for Blind Vision, Mike Culmo has decided to leave the band. He is leaving on good terms with each of us and will really be missed. We truly appreciate all the hard work and great performances he's given the band and our fans over the years and wish him all the luck and love in the world. We know he'll do great wherever he ends up. Mike came to us in 2002, after weeks of auditioning for singers. We were desperate, and beginning to lose hope that we would find anyone good enough to do the job. Then, out of the blue we got a call from a guy who saw the ad. He had no experience in a rock band, but man, could he sing. We took a big chance with a very young guy and the rest is history. The past four + years has been a ton of fun and we'll really miss you Mike. We've never sounded or played as well as we are right now, so we'll have our work cut out for us to maintain this level and move on to the next one. The band plans to keep on going. Matter of fact we've been auditioning singers for the past several weeks and have found a guy. So, we won't be down too long.

We also wanted to take a second here and specially thank all of Mike's family and friends who've been so faithful in supporting him and Blind Vision over the past few years. We certainly hope to keep seeing you at the shows, but it is understandable that we may not see you at as many of them as we're used to. Mike is very lucky to have so many people supporting him.

Mike's last show with Blind Vision will be January 6, 2007 at Macaroon's. We hope to see everyone out there that night for this last chance to see the current Blind Vision lineup.

Thanks Mike. We'll really miss you. Good Luck.

Buffalo Music Awards:
The Buffalo Music Award ballots are out. Blind Vision has been nominated again for best band. Colin has been nominated for best drummer. New this year is that everyone can vote, so please do!!! To place your vote, go to and you'll find a link. Thanks for your support. We love you all!!!!!!

Time For An Update:
Well, it's been like 5 months since I wrote anything here, so here goes. We've been playing pretty steadily and having a great time. A lot of the shows are at our usual clubs with the usual peeps. We always appreciate seeing those them out to support and party with us. Thank you. We mananaged to make it back to Yings on French which was cool, since we haven't been there in quite a while. Since they remodeled, the sound in there is really good and clear. It's the perfect place to see a band now, because the band is really close to the people, while still being on a stage. We love it.

We've been to a few new places that are trying to get going. Club W on Delaware near Chippawa is a cool place to see a band...they nust need to figure out how to get people to walk 150 yards down the street to get to it. The place is great, with oak woodwork and other points that make it probably the best place in the party district to hang. Hopefully, the people will see it that way as well.

Last night we were at another new place that is trying to get going. Paradise Island is a HUGE place to hang out with lots of video games, swimming pools, a tiki bar, cafe, rock climbing wall. It's decked out like a tropical paradise. The bands play upstairs where there is plenty of places to sit or hang at the bar. Oh, and sound is KILLER. I thought it was going to be echo-ey and boomey, but it was great. Once that place catches on it, it should be one of the best places in the area to see a band. There's tons to do.

There's another new/old place coming up on our schedule...The Fireside Cafe. That's right. We used to play there regularly a few years back and haven't really been there since they remodeled. Well, now they're having bands of our style back there again and we're really looking forward to it. We hope to see you all out there to make a good impression.

Well, that's it for now....until next time!!!

Bob Valenti Benefit:
Bob was 2 weeks from being a 28 year old man and 2 months from receiving his P.H.D. in Higher Education/Psych at U.B. He died in his sleep from a Brain Anneurism. A benefit will be held to raise money for the scholarship program. The benefit will be held June 2nd, starting at 5 O'clock. Tickets are $25 each at the door and all ages are welcome. There will be a Chinese/Silent Auction held, Booze, Food, and comedians opening up the show. It is going to be held at the VFW/American Legion Post on Wehrle Dr. that's next door to the OTB. Click here for a map and directions. Oh yeah...almost forgot...Blind Vision is headlining this show from 9 to 11'ish as well. Anyone who is planning to attend or is involved with putting this together should take a look through our song list and email Mike Culmo with any songs you'd like to hear the band play. How cool is that...put your own list together!!!!!

New Demos:
New demos were added to the web site. Some are live recordings from shows, others are songs recorded in the basement for new clubs to check us out. Enjoy

Peoples Choice Awards:
The Peoples Choice Awards are ready for voting. Anyone can vote, and we can't win unless you do so please vote. To do so, just go to the link below and fill out the form. For Blind Vision, please put us down for Best Rock Band, Rock Guitar, Rock Vocals, Rock Bassist, Rock opposed to some other categories. Here's the link

Buffalo Music Awards Nomination:
Well, the nominations for Buffalo Music Awards are out again. Blind Vision was nominated for best band and Colin was nominated for best drummer. Congrats Colin. As usual, only people "in the biz" are allowed to vote so talk to anyone you know and pursuade them to vote for you!!!!!

Vote Here

New Stuff:
Hey, Guess what?!!! We finally figured out a new logo. That's right!! It took forever but we finally got it done....with the help of fresh blood from the rhythm department. We dig it and you should too.... Especially since we're putting it on the new shirts. The shirts will be here in a couple weeks. We're starting out with ladies shirts and will move to guys stuff in round two. Until then we'll keep going with the Molson shirts. Other logo gear will be coming soon, after the banner gets finished. Thanks to the hundreds of people who submitted logo know who you are!!!

Smashing Debut:
Well, we threw him under the bus and he threw it right back onto us. Scott's debut gig was a smashing success. If you don't believe me, just check out the pix in the gallery for evidence. 44 songs in a week is a lot to ask and he made it look easy. We still have some growing to do as we get familiar with each other. But, like a fine stew, the longer the stuff sits together, the better it tastes.

Remember, if you know anyone with artistic talent, the band is still looking for a new logo. Email us if you know anyone interested in doing the work.

Welcome Scott:
We found a bass player and Scott is his name. He comes with several years experience and we know he's gonna fit right in. In true Blind Vision fashion, we're throwing him to the wolves to see how he fights, by giving him only 9 days to learn enough songs for his first show coming up in Batavia. So far he's not letting us down at all. Try to make it out this weekend 6/25 at Center St. Smokehouse.

Thanks Thom:
Thom, thanks for hanging with us for the past few years. It was a privilege to play with you. Good luck to you and Morgan with the family. We know you're gonna be busy!!!! We all know that deep down, you're not done with music and we look forward to working with you again, maybe in the studio.

Thanks to everyone who came out to Macaroon's last night. We all had a great time, and from the looks of some of the pix, so did you!!

The search is on for a new bass player. Actually, we're very close to pulling the trigger on one. Don't expect us to be down for long!!!

Speaking of changes...the band is looking for new logo ideas....If you have any, feel free to shoot 'em to us in an email.

Where's Thom?:
It's with great sadness that I write these words. A good friend and talented musician is leaving us after several years of quality service. Thom has decided to move on to bigger and better things. We all wish him the best, though we're not wishing him farewell...since he's still gonna be around. He's leaving the band on perfectly good terms, so don't start spreading rumors. He's still a good friend and will always be. We hope that everyone will come out this Saturday at Macaroons and wish Thom good luck and get off on his playing as it's his last show with Blind Vision. Hey Thom....see ya later....but not goodbye.

A Very Good Night:
Just wanted to take a second to thank all the people who came out the the Center St. Smoke House last night. You really had that place rockin' and we an absolute blast. Nights like last night are the reason why we do this. Thank You Thank You Thank You.

Thanks also to Guinness for existing and thanks to my new black-0with-white-polka-dot strat. It was it's first gig last night and it stood tall.

New Year, New Clubs:
It's been some time since the last update. The holidays are over and we're looking forward to another great year. One thing we plan to do is explore new clubs and get in front of some new faces. Matter of fact, that's what we did last night at Mickey Callahans. It's been over two years since we were there last and we came back like an inferno. The calendar has a few other new clubs on it, so get adventurous and check us out at these places. We always have a good time and we're looking forward to partying with you.

A special note. Last night was the first time in 20 years I actually got to play on stage with my brother, who is a very talented drummer. It was a few minutes I won't forget. Thanks Turk.

Buffalo Music Award Nominations:
Well, it's that time of year again for the Buffalo Music Awards and also the People's Choice Awards. We're happy to tell everyone that Blind Vision has been nominated again this year for Best Alternative Band and Colin has been nominated for best Hard Rock Drummer in this year's BMA's. To vote for us go to and fill out the form. You must be affiliated with a band or the business in order to place your vote.

The People's choice awards are open to the public for voting. To cast your vote go to and fill out the form there.

Preferred categories for Blind Vision would be

* Rock band

* Male Vocalist (Rock)

* Rock Guitarist

* Rock Bassist

* Hard Rock Drummer

Thanks to everyone who had anything to do with us getting nominated. Now, let's finish the job!!!

Molson Sponsorship :
Last night at Macaroon's was a real hoot. The people were ready to party and the band was like an animal ready to be uncaged. Very special thank you to everyone who made it out last night. Someone asked me this morning how the gig went last night and my answer was, "That's the reason why we do this!!" Enough said.

Blind Vision is proud to announce our new sponsorship by Molson. Over the years we've all become Labatts and Corona drinkers, but if you put our name next to something like that, we can be swayed. This will help us get some more exposure at the same time we help promote "twin-label technology".

We also started putting some preliminary plans together for New Years Eve. Plan early. It looks like we'll be at Macaroon's for the end of the year bash!!!! We generally don't wanna be bothered with playing on that night, but if the stars are lined up just right, we'll do it. Hope to see you there.

Well, it seems that the rumor mill has been churning. It's come to our attention that there are rumors flying around about the band breaking up. Simply put...IT'S NOT TRUE. Here's the facts. We had discussed taking the band in a new direction. Sort of an attempt at testing the waters of other styles of music. After some long and serious discussions we all decided that what we do is what we want to do and we shouldn't change if this is what makes us happy. (Ed. Especially since we do it so well!!!!!) We're having a great time playing the stuff we play and people really dig it so let's just get back to it and forget about all this. On a side anyone who's ever been in a band can attest to...getting a group of four or five people together who are all on the same page is damn difficult. We are a rare collection of people who get along great and somehow manage to keep a low level of stress amongst us. It's a blessing and any band that manages to have an inner relationship such as ours should consider themselves lucky. Why would we want to break up the one common thing we have with each other that gives us so much pleasure. Well we don't, we won't, and we're not!!

If you or anyone you know hears rumors and wants to know the real story...all you need to do is send an email to and we'll be glad to discuss it.

Marketing Scheme:
We were thinking the other day...what kinds of things can we do to get more people to come out to our shows. We're already playing great tunes and having fun doing it, and having a great time partying with the peoples. We've already got great sound and smoke and lights and bubbles. We could give stuff away. Yea, yea...that's a great idea. Lets give away drinks. Matter of fact, why don't we buy drinks for someone all night long. And we'll pick them by circling their picture from the last show. That sounds like a plan. And T shirts. We need T shirts. So here's what we decided. We're gonna get T shirts made and give 'em away. AAAAAAANNNNNNDDDD we gonna take pictures at the we often do...and then circle someone's face. When people visit the site, they can see if their face is circled or not. The lucky person will get to drink free all night at the next show. So make sure to come to the shows and get your face in front of the camera!!!!! Then, check the photo galleries for pictures from the last show to see if you won.

The Benefit:
The benefit for Ryan Samuelson was held yesterday at the Orchard Park Fire Company. We donated our time and played a few sets for those who came out to support the cause. The turnout was great for the benefit and we we're glad to be part of such a noble effort. We wish the best to the Samuelson family and hope that Ryan and his donors come through their operations successfully. We also want to extend a very special thank you to Mike Nowak from BFK Audio and the Hitmen for supplying sound for us. In addition to the band playing, there was a visit from the Easter Bunny, and Uncle Bud, the Clown. There was a Chinese auction with tons of stuff to bid on and a 50/50 split that paid out very well. It's really nice to see how a community can turn out to help a family in need. Click here for some pix.

Ryan's Rescue:
The family of Peter and Dawn Samuelson are in desparate need of support to help save the life of their child Ryan. Please click here to see more details and do what you can to help out this family in need. The band will be playing at a benefit to raise money for the family on April 3. See the benefit page for more details. We're asking all our fans to come out and help us help the Samuelsons.

General News:
It's been quite some time since the last update. Here's what's going on. We're all done taking time off, and have been working on new material to keep the show fresh. Things lately have been particularly great with strong turnouts from recent shows at Macaroon's, and Holidays. I think we have a new favorite club at Holidays!!! We've been expanding the set list in 2 directions like we always have, incorporating more Classic, Dance, and Modern Hard Rock all at the same time. Sometimes people get confused by our set list, but we've always worked hard to be able to play a good show at whatever club we end up at. Special thanks to those who've come out lately to support us. It seems like we're gaining a new crowd of supporters. We can't do it without you. Spread the word!!! THANK YOU!!! See ya at the club.

People's Choice Awards:
Last night was the first annual People's Choice Awards and we had a blast!!!! We want to thank all those who voted for us. Although we didn't walk with any awards, it was an honor to be among the finalists in so many categories. The place was crawling with talent and it's good to know that we fit in among them. We were finalists in the following categories:

Best Rock Band

Best Alternative Band

Best Rock Guitarist - Mike D

Best Rock Vocalist - Mike C

Best Rock Drummer - Colin

Best Rock Bassist - Thom

It's Award Season:
It's that time of the year again. This time, however, there will be two awards shows. The Buffalo Musica Awards are back. Nominees are selected by a panel and voting is allowed only by those in the Western New York music scene. It's very unscientific and the results often make no sense at all. Be that as it may, Blind Vision was nominated for best Best Band and Colin was nominated for best Drummer. If you're in the music scene, hop on over to and place your vote. The ballot is available as an online form this year...thank God!!! The award show is November 20 at Evolution on Transit Rd. You must have a ticket to get in.

Also, this year is the first People's Choice Awards. These awards, as you might guess, are decided by the people. The voting is already closed on this. The award show is November 12 at Club Miami/Rock N Roll Heaven. This award show is open to the public.

Congratulations Thom:
Last night we played at Holidays and decided to come out with a different approach. We've been working on lots of new material and came out in the first set hard and heavy. The people were loving it and we had a total blast. Special thank you to everyone who came out. Also, kudos to the club for putting in the new stage. It's a huge improvement.

That was our last show for a couple weeks and it was also Thom's last show as a single dude. He played like it was his last day on earth!!! We wish him the best on his marriage to Morgan...a fine woman, I might add!! We'll be back at it late in October after their honeymoon. Who knows what cool stuff we'll have ready for ya!!! See you then....

Where's the Band?:
You probably noticed from our sparce show shedule that we haven't been playing as much as we normally do. This summer has been particularly busy for the band. Mike got married on June 21 and then took a week off in Hawaii. Between the stag, the wedding and the honeymoon, three weekends were needed off. There have been several requests off for people to travel around and see the world. Florida, Toronto, and Connecticut have been popular stops!! Additionally, we happy to announce that Thom is getting married this October. That will require three more weekends off. vThe good news is that with all this down time, we are working on lots of new material at a pretty quick pace. We'll see you out there soon.

New Clubs:
Time marches on....and club owners change their minds about what they want to do for entertainment. Some are just remodeling and not having bands right now. Either way, Blind Vision marches on as well. We've been playing in new and different clubs to rebuild and expand our current fan base.

A few weeks ago we played at the Surf Club in Bemus Point. It was over an hour drive in the fog but it was well worth it. The club rocks...especially in the summer Bemus is a hot vacation spot on Lake Chautauqua. We look forward to returning there soon.

We recently tried playing a show at Hollidays on the corner of Clinton and Harlem. That place has some nice outdoor volleyball courts and a decent size room with lot's of places to sit. They were digggin' the tunes also.

Another new spot we played recently was the old Nickelodeon Cafe on the corner of French and Transit. Ying's Wings and Things is there also. The area where the band sets up is a little small but there are major reconstruction plans in the works to open up the divider between the two rooms and make a really nice club out of the whole place.

New Web Address:
We finally decided to get away from the free web site idea. It was nice while it lasted but the advertising was brutal and slow page loads were very uncool. We're very excited to have a new server and a new site address. If you got to either of the old geocities addresses, you will be automatically forwarded to the new site. Please add one or both of the following to your favorites. Expect some changes to the site as time goes on.

The new web site address is:

You can also use:

Back In The Saddle:
Good news everyone, Mike has recovered and sounds great, once again. Practice has been going quite well with several new songs just about ready for you hear. We can't wait to get back out. Thanks for being patient. See you soon.

Disaster Strikes:
Well, we were on a roll and flying high. That means that sooner or later, we had to come back down and face reality. Mike has come down with a severe case of laryngitis which forced us to cancel the 12/21 show at the Fireside and the 12/27 show at Macaroon's. We apologize to the club owners for having to cancel on short notice and to all the fans who were planning on coming out to see the band. We expect Mike to recover within a couple weeks. Thanks for your patience and continued support. See ya soon.

Tearin' it up:
We are lovin' life. Mike has been working out great. You can see the music creap into him and jump right back out again. We've been tearing the clubs up with some really good shows. Many have said that the enthusiasm is higher and the band never sounded so good. Thanks to everyone for supporting the band and we are absolutely jumping at the chance to play for you. We've been working on new songs and have discussed the originals idea again. We're all looking forward to that as well. As you probably know, you can tell us what you think online or make suggestions for tunes you'd like to see us do. Just click here to fill out the form.

Mike's First Gig:
Well it was a tough few weeks for Mike as we shoved about 45 songs down his throat and threatened him with a show on Oct 26. He stood tall and answered the call. The Fireside Inn was the scene of the crime where Mike Culmo debuted as our new frontman. He brought with him a great crowd of people who, along with the regular crowd, really like what they heard. The whole band had a great time basically blowing the roof off of one our favorite stomping grounds and we can see that this is just the beginning. We are planning on new music and new clubs so come out and see the band and be amazed!!!!!!!

Mike Get's on-board:
Blind Vision is pleased to announce our search for a new lead vocalist has come to an end. We auditioned several excellent singers who all had their strengths. Finally, one came down who we knew right off the bat would be able to step in and rock the house. Meet Mike Culmo, our newest and youngest member. Mike has some classical training and has done some acoustic duets and is really pumped about the band. Help us welcome him.

Naturally, the direction of the band may change slightly to accomodate Mike's strengths. We are sure though that no one will be disappointed.

"Oh my god, who was that should hire him!!!!!", Richard Thomas, NY Herald

"I wish I could sing like that.", David Coverdale, Whitesnake

"It aint over 'til I'm done.....", the fat lady at the Philadelphia Flyers games

Dave Departs:
We are saddened to announce that Blind Vision and former singer Dave Levesque have come to a mutual and amicable parting of the ways, citing musical differences as the reason. Dave has done a great job fronting the band for the past several years and he will really be missed. Please join us in wishing him the best in all his future endeavors.

The search has begun for a new singer. Check back frequently for more news and updates. We might be down for a while, but we're not out.

Night-Life Magazine Review:
The April 29 - May5 , 2002 edition featured a 1/2 page review of the April 19 show at Gillie's. Have a look at page 5. Click here to view an electronic version of it on this web site. Again, special thanks to Judy Ann from Sports and Entertainment Today for the video footage and the great review.

The Sports and Entertainment Today show can be seen weekly on Saturdays in Buffalo on Adelphia channel 20 at 10pm and Thursday's in the suburbs...same time....same channel. Check it out for good stuff regarding local sports and entertainment.

Watch My Fingers:
We had the great pleasure of debuting the first Blind Vision original tune in over 5 years. The song, Watch My Fingers, was well received, so you know we'll be playing it more in the future. Currently, we're working on about three other originals which are all quite different. It's funny that after years of playing covers, you don't really know what the style of you're own band is. The experimentation is proving to be great fun.

Excerpts from the April 19th show at Gillie's, featuring the original song Watch My Fingers, will be aired Saturday, May 4 at 10pm for Buffalo Adelphia subscribers. The suburban subscribers got to see it Thursday, April 25 at 10pm on Adelphia channel 20.

Live Taping We're gonna be on TV!!:
The April 19th show at Gillies will be video taped and aired on the Adelphia public access channel 20. This show will also feature the debut of the first Blind Vision original song in several years. The band is currently working on several new original songs. More details will follow regarding the actual time and date the show will air. Additionally, there will be a review in Nitelife Magazine.

Blind Vision Web Site:
Several changes have been made to the site, including the creation of this page. Viewers can check this page to find out the truth about what's going on in the band. If you see it here, you can believe it. Other changes include a new look to the home page and the repair of that stupid form we used to use, that never worked, for getting on the mailing list. The new mailing list form works great and we look forward to lots of new people using it.